Christmas Services

Parking Lot Service


This year Turner Christian Church will be holding one Christmas Eve Service in our church parking lot at 5pm. Pull up and tune your radio to 95.9 FM to participate in our full Christmas Eve service, with singing, readings, communion, and our candelit carol at the end. We'd love to see you there!

Blue Christmas Service

This service is designed for those who are grieving this Christmas and are looking for a way to process their grief. The Christmas season can be difficult for those with hurt hearts, but the message of Christmas is meant to be a source of hope for those who mourn. If you are struggling this season for any reason--the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, an unexpected life change--come join us for a service that is designed just for you, to bring comfort, hope and peace to those who need it most.


Short Family Service


This service is designed to be used as part of your family worship: just a couple of songs and a reading of the Christmas story for you to incorporate into your family celebration this year. Merry Christmas!

Online Christmas Service

This is an online version of our full Christmas Eve service, including carols, readings, and communion. If you want to participate in every part of the service, make sure you have communion elements and a candle for each participant.