What to expect when
you're Visiting

Welcome! We're so glad that you're interested in joining us at our Sunday morning service! Visiting a new church can be disorienting, but knowing what to expect can help a lot! Here is a basic description of what our Sunday morning services look like:​


  • Our Sunday services begin at 8:30 and 10:45. When you arrive, you'll be met at the door by our greeters. ​They can direct you to to bathrooms, cry-rooms, and childcare (second service only)

  • We are happy to offer child care during the second service! If you have children ages 1-5th grade, you may take them directly to childcare in our education wing (Ask a greeter if you need directions). 


  • Our worship services are based around a few key elements: worship, offering, communion, prayer, preaching, and invitation.​ The order can vary sometimes, but every Sunday you should expect to see these things happen:



Every Sunday we take time to wor​ship together. As a multi-generational church, we strive for a balance between contemporary and traditional worship. Our goal is that, whether you prefer Hillsong or the hymnal, you will be able to sing something meaningful to you.

In order to be as safe as possible, we are not currently singing together as a congregation. We are exploring other, creative ways to worship together!


We believe that giving to God--and investing in your home congregation--are important spiritual disciplines, and so we make it a part of ​our weekly service. If you are a visitor, please know--WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR YOUR MONEY. Giving to the offering is not the price of admission, it is an act of worship toward God.



Our church observes communion every Sunday as a central part of our worship. We believe in open communion--all believers are welcome and encouraged to participate. If you've never taken communion before, please feel free to just sit and watch as we share the meal. We will pass trays with small pieces of bread and cups of grape juice. The bread represents the body of Jesus that was broken when he was crucified​. The cup represents the blood of Jesus that was spilled for us. We share the bread and the cup to remember and proclaim the sacrifice of Jesus Christ until he returns.


We believe that prayer is an essential part of the life of the church. After communion we will take time to pray as a congregation, to praise God, to give thanks, and to share the burdens of our hearts. Sometimes this will involve members of the congregation sharing prayer concerns--but don't worry, as a visitor you are not expected to speak (though you are always welcome to participate!)



The purpose of the sermon is to proclaim the word of God--to build up the congregation by teaching, encouraging, and motivating them from the Scriptures. We believe that preaching must be based firmly in the word of God--both the written word of God (the Bible)​, and the living Word of God, Jesus Christ.


We believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ can transform lives, and we want to offer an opportunity at every service for people to respond to what God is doing in their hearts. At the end of every service we invite members of the congregation to come forward to make a decision--to become a Christian, to rededicate themselves to Christ, or to become a member of Turner Christian Church. If you feel led to make any of those decisions, you can come forward during the last song and the pastor will talk you through your decision.​


Sunday School

Every Sunday morning, Turner Christian also holds Sunday School classes for all ages. These classes are before Sunday service, at 9:00 am. You are welcome to attend Sunday School when you visit--you will get a chance to meet people and to learn with a smaller group of people.

We have two mixed classes for adults, as well as classes for children from nursery to high school. Feel free to bring the entire family and learn with us on Sunday mornings.

Normally we have several Sunday School classes that meet before the church service. These classes have been suspended during COVID.