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Family Ministry Back to the Basics Newsletter - 2nd Edition

Something to Reflect :

We have many options Noah and his family did not have!

Here are just a few:

Our FB page is up and fully operational:

Turner Christian Church Childrens Ministry Online -> Follow us if you haven’t already, We have a lot of fun Stuff planned.

Monday - 9AM - Live Devotional w/ Mrs Jill

Wednesday - 6:30 Worship Wednesday W/ Pastor Matt & Mrs Casey (Treasure Seekers is off for Spring Break)

Friday - Fun Object Lesson

This Week we will have daily Challenges and if you don’t have FB your kiddos can still participate, Just email me at jill@turnerchristianchruch.com and I will send a personalized email daily with the Challenges.

Treasure Seekers will earn coins for our “Store” other Kiddos will earn points for our “Virtual Store” .

Other free resources we have found:

Audio Books :



Max Lucado


Virtual field trips



Worship - Songs,lessons , Bible memorization



This week the forecast is calling for A LOT of Rain!! We hope these ideas will help.

We have also provided a few Family Devotional ideas as well.

Take time to feed yourself spiritually:

Daily Devotional on Moms Connect @ 2pm


Moms in Prayer Bible study and Discussion - Friday Morning’s

Morning Prayer Time with Pastor Matt @ 8:30 am Mon- Fri

Be sure to grab Jr worship Material for Sunday Morning off our Website: turnerchristianchurch.com/copy-of-sermon-notes

Have a blessed week,

Family Ministry Team !


Family Devotional - Idea 1

Has SOCIAL DISTANCING ever happened in Scripture?

Adam and Eve had to leave the garden


Joseph was in a pit and prison

Jonah was in a whale

Daniel in the den - overnight

Can you imagine traveling for 40 days WITHOUT:

1. Wifi - media - cell phones

2. Good views - scenery

3. Good smells - due to animals

4. A good place to play

5. Knowing where you were going

6. Knowing how long you would be trapped inside

In America we have many BLESSINGS

1. We get to travel

2. We have many choices

3. We have varieties

4. We have many social interactions - family sports friends

5. Freedom of religion

We do not like it when we have LIMITS

1. Not able to travel

2. Not able to see friends

3. Not able to do sporting activities

4. Not able to go to restaurants of choice

Yet in the times of being limited God is STILL working

1. When Adam and Eve were separated a plan of salvation was being put in place

2. During the time of the flood there was a cleansing

3. Joseph was being elevated without knowing

4. Jonah was being taught grace and mercy

5. Daniel reaped the reward of obedience

This is not the first time social distancing has happened

God is still in control

Solitude is a time to grow.

Family Devotional Idea #2

A note to parents: This lesson was written for younger elementary children. If an activity is too old or too young for them, modify it and support them. There are also a number of different activities. If you feel like this is too much for one session, spread the activities out for family devotions over the course of the week. Remember that the goal is not memorization or plain knowledge of content. The goal is that your child be able to read or hear the scripture and know how to apply it in everyday life. During this global pandemic, you have an unprecedented chance to show your child, both through modeling and through direct instruction, how the Bible speaks to real life situations today! Throughout the coming week, take the Bible verse, the takeaway, and the main points and repeat them at appropriate times. Talk about what is happening in the world and remind your children that God promises to never leave us. Talk during the week about all the places in the world you could go where God could still find you. Use teachable moments to reinforce these points in everyday life, and live them, reminding even yourself of the promises of God. You can do this! Scripture Passage: Psalm 139: 1-12 My Takeaway: God will never leave me. The goal of this lesson is that each child will be able to: Explain in their own words the meaning of Psalms 139: 1-12, recognizing that God will never leave us. Create a plan of action to take when they feel alone or scared. Advise and encourage one another in difficult times.

Activity 1: Hide the Guy

Take turns hiding a favorite toy, action figure, doll, or stuffed animal. Let your children look for it, and whoever finds it gets to be the next one to hide it. Play this for a few rounds or until everyone has had a turn. Then come back together. Explain that today we are going to read about how God’s word promises that no matter where we go, no matter what happens to us, we are never hidden from God. God can always find us. In fact, today’s takeaway is God will never leave me. Let’s say it together. God will never leave me.

Activity 2: Read the Bible Passage.

For this activity, you will need a Bible, and a handful of clothespins for each person. (If you don’t have clothespins, stickers will work too.) Explain that the book of Psalms is a book of very old songs. These songs were written as praise to God, and have been translated so that even today, we can hear the words of these old songs and understand more about God. Allow the children to read the passage aloud. Stop and explain any words they do not know. Examples of words that may need explanation include discern, acquainted, hem, attain, ascend, Sheol (the depths of the earth) etc. The words may vary depending on what version of the Bible you are using. For any pre-readers, skip this step, but be sure to explain unknown words when you read it aloud. Next, read the passage aloud again. This time have children clip a clothespin on their clothes (or stick a sticker on it) for every time the passage names somewhere we might hide from God. For example, the passage says I might. . .

- Go all the way to heaven;

- Go all the way to the depths of the earth

- Fly away on the dawn Settle on the far side of the sea

- Hide in the darkness.

Then, read it a third time. This time, everyone must remove a clothespin or a sticker every time the psalm tells us that God will find us in those places.

- In heaven, God is there.

- In the depths of the earth, God is there. -

- On the wings of the dawn, God’s hand will lead me

- On the far side of the sea, God’s right hand holds me. -In the darkness, God can see me because darkness is not dark to him.

After you have finished, everyone should have taken all the clothespins off. Ask everyone what their takeaway is. (God knows everything about me. God is always with me. God will protect me, etc.)

Explain that in fact, this passage of the Bible reminds us over and over again that no matter what, God will never leave me. There is nowhere I can go where he can’t find me.

Activity 3: Everyone to their Corners

Send each person to a private place for five to ten minutes (parents included.) Each person should take a piece of paper and some art supplies. Instruct them to create something that illustrates a time they were afraid, felt alone, or were scared. Give everyone the time they need to complete the activity. If you wish, you may choose to play some quiet music during this time.

Activity 4: Come back together

One at a time, each person can share the story of their drawing. Parents can lead by example. “In this drawing, I was feeling lonely because I was traveling and far away from my family and friends.” For each story, respond with the following reflection questions.

- What did you do when you felt this way?

- Did you pray? Why or why not?

- Do you think God was with you?

- Did you feel like God was with you at the time?

Emphasize that our feelings can feel real but can be still be untrue. God promises he will never leave us. Remember our takeaway today: God will never leave me. Reread some of the verses of the passage that were mentioned earlier- the ones that remind us how big God is. Examples include If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there, God is with me. Or Darkness is not dark to God.

Activity 5: Make a Plan For this activity

You will need to find a place to write out a plan for conquering fear this week where you can leave it up for the week. Suggestions include writing it out on a glass patio door or a mirror with whiteboard markers, making a big poster that can be hung somewhere in the house, or painting a mural on a window in washable paint. The ideas are limitless and depend on both your house and your energy level. As a family, make a mind-map. Start with a bubble in the center that is marked “When I am afraid. . . “ From there, have everyone make suggestions that connect out from the central bubble. For example, a line from the center might lead to another bubble that says I can pray, or I can sing a song, or I can read from my Bible. Then, from each of those bubbles, add more bubbles. Prompt your children as needed with questions like “Where or when can you pray to help you remember that God will never leave you?” or “What song would you sing? Is there one that helps you feel less afraid?” or “Where would you turn in your Bible to remember that God is with you whatever happens?” There are no right answers to this activity. The point is to encourage everyone to think about what they can do when they are afraid and to make a plan. Throughout the course of the conversation, emphasize the takeaway point: God will never leave me. Whatever plan you come up with, leave the mind map up in your home this week. Refer back to it at appropriate times, when you or your children feel afraid, or when it comes up in conversation.

Activity 6: I Need Advice

Finish the devotional time by role playing or pretending. One person chooses someone else in the family and says “Abbie, I feel lonely today. I can’t play with my friends because we have to stay home for a while. What do you think I should do?” Let Abbie answer, and if she struggles, point her back to the family plan. Next, let Abbie ask someone else. “Daddy, I feel afraid right now. What if Grandma gets sick? What should I do?” Continue this game until everyone has had a turn.

Note to parents- It will be on you to invent realistic scenarios for this activity. Model not just feelings, but things that might have realistically promoted those feelings. When your children create their own

questions for advice, prompt them with questions about why they might be (pretend) feeling that way. Be sensitive to real fears that may show themselves during this activity.

Activity 7: Close in prayer Pray together as a family.

Pray over the very real fears and feelings you and your children are experiencing right now. Model honesty in prayer with God. Let each person have a chance to pray and encourage everyone to pray for one another.

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