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Junior Worship, April 12th

Pastor Matt ,

Here is the Jr Church Material  for this Sunday!

Jr Church Happy Easter Sunday!! He has risen !!! You say : He has Risen indeed!! Prayer : Lord we thank you for your son dying on the cross for our Sin!! We thank you for all that you have provided us, We ask you to open each of these children's hearts as they learn and discover more of what Easter is all about. Amen Worship : He's Alive He's Alive !!!

Lesson- Watch :

Wow ,what a gift Jesus gave us … Eternal life!!! Activity: Bible Verse Memorization “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6 He: point to heaven Is not here: shake head “No” He: point to heaven Has risen: raise hands and arms up to heaven Just as He said: shake head “Yes” Matthew 28: hold up ten fingers 2x and then 8 fingers 6: hold up 6 fingers Closing Prayer: OH what a glorious day you have given us lord, Thank you for each of these children and the ability to share your GOOD NEWS with them!!! We pray that they and their families will be blessed as they celebrate Easter Sunday today! That they will find hope in the resurrection!!! We Pray for Mrs Holly and we are so grateful for her lessons Lord we love you Amen Kiddos My mommy always said this to me and I share it with my kids now, (I consider all of you 'My Kids') Jesus loves you and so do I!! Have a very Happy Easter !!! I can't wait to see all of your bright shining faces soon!!! Mrs Jill PS, There is a family activity below Easter Bingo for you and your families today!! Family Activity - Easter Bingo https://ministry-to-children.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Easter-Bingo.pdf Give each child an Easter Bingo Board. Have them cut each square out – they will be making their own cards. Give each child a piece of construction paper and have them fold it in half 4 times – this should make 16 squares. Have them cut it so that their board is 3×3 instead of 4×4. Have the children glue their bingo pieces anywhere on their board. This way each child’s board is different. Cut up one bingo card for you to use as pieces to call from. Put the Easter Bingo Cards in the basket. The “He Has Risen!” spot is a free spot for all of the children. Choose 1 Easter Bingo Card, say what it is and show the picture Have the children find the pictures on their cards..

  • As they are finding the item – talk about what the item is and what it has to do with Easter

  • Stone – there was a stone blocking the door of Jesus’ tomb

  • Angel – the angel rolled the stone away

  • Cross – Jesus died on the cross for us

  • 3 days – Jesus rose again after 3 days

  • Crown of thorns – Jesus wore a crown of thorns on His head

  • Bread – Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples

  • Nails – they nailed Jesus to the cross

  • Resurrection – He lives in heaven!

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