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March 15: Nephesh--"Soul"

Download the full sermon notes PDF here.

1. Getting Started:

  • What did you find most interesting about the sermon this week? The most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling?

  • What does the word “soul” mean to you? How does this differ from the meaning of the word “nephesh”?

  • In what ways do Christians encourage the idea that we are really just “spirits riding a meat vehicle?” What are the consequences of this perspective?

2. Into the Bible:

Read 2 Samuel 6:1-11

  • Why does God strike Uzzah down? Does this seem like a reasonable reaction? Does God’s action in this story trouble you? How did David feel about God’s reaction?

  • What were David, Uzzah and the Israelites doing wrong? Where was the Ark of the Covenant supposed to be kept? (Check Exodus 40:1-2) How was the ark supposed to be carried? (Check Deuteronomy 10:8)

  • David was in charge of the procession but Uzzah was punished. Was God responding to a spiritual/mental sin, or a physical sin? What does this story show us about the importance of what we do with our bodies?

  • In verses 12-15, David tries to bring the Ark to Jerusalem again. What does he do differently? How does this show a change of attitude?

3. Going Deeper

  • What does it mean to love someone with your living body? How is that different from loving them with your heart (your feelings, thoughts and decisions)

  • Below are listed the five “love languages.” Which languages fit with “loving with your levav,” and which are “loving with your nephesh”? Which might be “loving with your strength?”

Words of Affirmation


Acts of Service

Quality Time

Physical Touch

  • What difference does it make to view our bodies as essential parts of ourselves? If you are a living body, how does it change your view of yourself? How does it affect the importance of resurrection?

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