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May 24: Ruth in Israel

Download the sermon notes here.

1. Getting Started:

  • How have you been holding up this week?

  • How do you feel about moving into Phase 1 of reopening?

  • What did you find most interesting about the sermon this week? The most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling?

2. Into the Bible:

Read 2 Corinthians 1:1-7.

  • What is the theme word in this passage? (Hint: it appears 9 times)

  • Why does God comfort Paul and Timothy (“we/us”), according to verse 4? Why does he allow them to be distressed in 6?

  • Why does God comfort the Corinthians through Paul and Timothy, according to v. 6? What is he preparing the Corinthians for?

  • Looking back, why is Paul praising God in this passage? How does that praise encourage us?

3. Going Deeper

  • Who do you know that is especially vulnerable to COVID-19 (such as over 60, has heart condition, compromised immune system, lung problems, pregnant, etc.)? How does our exile protect them?

  • What difference does it make to think of our exile as a sacrifice for their safety?

  • How can we encourage each other as we continue in our exile?

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