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Palm Sunday: The Amazing, Courageous, Victorious Faith of the Palm-Sunday Jesus Parade!

Download the full sermon notes PDF here.

Small Group Worksheet

1. Getting Started:

  • What did you find most interesting about the sermon this week? The most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling?

  • What has been the hardest part of the quarantine so far?

  • Have you been missing the fellowship of the church over these past few weeks? What have you missed the most? Did that surprise you?

2. Into the Bible:

Read 2 Peter 1:12-21

  • What is Peter’s goal in this letter, according to v. 12-15? What does he want to help his readers do? (Also, when in his life is he writing this letter?)

  • What does Peter want his readers to remember in verses 16-18? Which story is he referring to? (Cf. Matthew 17:5)

  • What does Peter want them to remember in verses 19-21?

  • How do these two categories—Peter’s experiences (v. 16-18) and the prophecies of Scripture (v. 19-21)—connect with the reasons the disciples celebrated on Palm Sunday?

3. Going Deeper

  • On Palm Sunday the disciples celebrated a victory they hadn’t experienced yet. What victories are you still waiting on? What uncertainties are you carrying that make it difficult to celebrate?

  • Do you have any experiences like Peter’s—moments when God healed, saved, or changed you? What happened?

  • How do those experiences help strengthen your faith? How can you use them to strengthen other people’s faith?

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