Daily Prayers:

This Summer we are using the Book of Psalms to guide us in our prayers. For thousands of years God's people have prayed the words of the Psalms to God. Starting June 6 we will be praying through the Psalms every morning and evening, finishing with Psalm 150 on August 30. We also have a track that will lead you through the Psalms once a month. If you would like to pray the Psalms along with us, you can find the reading schedule below, as well as additional resources throughout the Summer.


  • Prayer Plans:

    • Three-Month Plan

      • This schedule will take you through the Psalms over ​​the course of the summer. It will also synchronize with the Sunday worship and sermons. Download here.

    • One-Month Plan

      • This schedule has been used by Anglican Churches for hundreds of years to pray through the Psalms in 30 days. If you use this track, you can pray through the Psalms 3 times this summer! Download here.​​

  • Metrical Psalms: 

    • One way you can interact with the Psalms is to sing them​. Metrical Psalms are psalms that have been reworded in order to fit the meter of a piece of music--usually the tune of a hymn. You can find metrical arrangements of all the Psalms at www.psalms.seedbed.com

  • The Bible Project:​

    • The Bible Project is Christian animation studio in Portland​ that makes videos about the Bible, as well as other resources like posters, podcasts and blogs. You can find them at www.bibleproject.com, and you can watch their videos on the Book of Psalms and on Hebrew poetry lower down on the page.