"A structured approach to play-based learning, with God's natural world as our classroom."

We are registering for Fall 2023!

Little Lamb Preschool has been a beloved part of the local community for nearly 20 years. Under new directorship for the fall, Little Lamb is excited to continue its tradition of providing a nurturing and engaging environment for young children. Little Lamb's nature focus gets kids outside as much as possible. When the weather is not ideal we bring the outside, in! Through play, exploration, music and crafts we create a strong academic and faith base. With experienced and dedicated teachers, Little Lamb Christian Preschool is the perfect place for children to begin their educational journey.


Learn about our classroom options:

The preschool classes are designed as an introduction to the world of school. Students will experience curriculum reflecting learning goals in four key areas of development: Spiritual, Social Emotional, Personal, & Academic.
Students can expect fun, fast paced sessions filled with songs, games, crafts, STEM activities, and lots of learning! When the year is over, your students will be familiar with concepts such as shapes, colors, emotions, counting, and the alphabet song. They will also receive foundational Bible lessons.
The Pre-K class builds upon the skills and lessons learned in Preschool, and is designed to prepare the student to enter Kindergarten. This class adds two categories of Learning Goals: Responsibility and Independence.
Students will become well-versed with numbers, letters, writing their names, and much more! The program is designed to serve as a bridge between Preschool and Kindergarten, in hopes that your student will experience a smooth transition to Kindergarten the following year.

Both the Preschool and Pre-K classes are taught and experienced with the spiritual wellbeing of the student as the utmost priority. At Little Lamb, we believe that the most valuable lesson a child can learn is that they are created, known, and loved by God.

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Bethany Robinson


Maritza Rivera

Preschool Assistant

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For more information, contact Jerry Sygney at the church office